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EXO’s Suho dishes on which members got their first kiss the earliest


So as an idol, you can’t really go on a variety show or a radio show without being asked about your love life.

It’s just a staple these shows have to drum up viewer interest.

On Younha’s Starry Night Radio, the DJ asked both EXO’s Suho and Chanyeol if EXO talks a lot about their dating life when they’re together.

Baekchen Growl 1

Here’s how the conversation went down:

DJ: Do you guys talk a lot about dating when you’re (EXO) together?

Suho: That’s all we talk about.

Chanyeol: Really? *Suho laughs* Really??

DJ: So do members know about each other’s dating history?

Suho: Uh… yes we know.

Chanyeol: We know.

Suho: Like first loves and first kisses.

Chanyeol: We don’t hide anything from each other, so…

DJ: Which of the members in EXO had their first kiss the quickest?

Suho: What do I do? Who do I attack first?

*Chanyeol makes Suho say it*

Suho: Who is it? Why are you blaming this one on me?

Suho: Uh… If I had to give a hint, it’d be one of the members at KBS (Chen and Baekhyun were guests at Sukira Kiss the Radio) at the moment.

DJ: Is it the one member named —-? The one character named —-?

Suho: Ah ha ha… I heard that the two of them compete for who had their first kiss the earliest.

DJ: Okay, so we’ll say it was Baekhyun-ssi and Chen-ssi who had their first kiss the quickest.

Immediately after Suho ratted out the two members, Baekhyun and Chen, who were both at Ryeowook’s Sukira Kiss The Radio, were quick to defend themselves.

Baekhyun: Our member Chanyeol-ssi and Suho-ssi said on another radio—

Chen: Did they say that we were the members to have the first kiss the earliest?

Baekhyun: We have honestly never said anything like that before

Chen: We never said anything like that. Not even once!

ILAC: So you never said it on broadcast, and you never said those things in front of the other members?

Baekhyun and Chen: NEVER PEOPLE… They’re doing a fabricated broadcast!!

Baekhyun: We never did such a thing.

Chen: We’re clean.

Haha, so we have both parties making different claims. I wonder who is right? We all know that Suho has a tendency to over-exaggerate, but at the same time Chanyeol was there and he didn’t refute any of the information. I would have loved to see what kind of conversation went down when they all returned to their dorm.

Source: Ggamjongin

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  1. Berry R. says

    all of them are so cuteeeeeee

  2. Mxcz Emerald says


  3. FracoisAlbien says

    haha….so they are all pushing on eachother….nobody want’s to claim it….haha….i wonder whose party is telling the truth…..hehe..i think Suho and Chanyeol’s party is guilty one…haha..

  4. Hai Blut says

    Chen: we’re clean hahahahha that right oppa. exo are new, clean and fresh <3333333333333

  5. Helena Magick says

    come on. even though they seem cute and innocent, it’s not like they haven’t had a kiss before. we gotta except that they’re human beings… specially boys.

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  7. Khyla says

    Lol I think it’s Luhan who had his first kiss in the seventh grade XD

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