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EXO hints at a summer comeback

EXO has just wrapped up their EXO Planet #2 – EXO’LuXion tour in Seoul!

To end the night on a high note, Suho told fans to get ready for the summer because EXO would be returning with a new comeback!

SM Entertainment representatives have also confirmed Suho’s statements, but they said they have yet to finalize the date.

We’re very excited, and seeing as they’re coming back in the summer time, that means we’re going to get an upbeat bop!

EXO hints at a Summer comeback

I, for one, am hoping for something Growl-ish or Call Me Baby-ish. I really can’t wait to see what the boys have in store for us.

Since they have just released a mini-album in December, chances are we’ll be getting another full album.

Here’s hoping we get all stellar tracks just like we did with EXODUS (El Dorado hype o/).

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