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EXO’s Suho sings an OST track for “Saving Santa”

Only 16 days left before “Saving Santa” makes it’s big screen debut in Korea! EXO’s Suho was lucky enough to snag the voice-acting role for the character “Bernard“.

Not only that, but EXO’s Suho was also offered one of the track slots available for the “Saving Santa” Korean OST!

He sings a cheerful, fun-loving track for the animated film, showing off his beautiful, pleasant vocals.

The Korean production crew of Saving Santa recorded a special MV of Suho singing his OST track and it also features him acting goofy while getting into his character for Bernard.

EXO's Suho sings an OST track for Saving Santa

“Saving Santa” officially gets released on December 19th in Korea. Hopefully it’ll be a big hit. Judging from the previews of the movie we see in Suho’s OST MV, it looks like it’s going to be an action-packed holiday movie.

Alongside EXO’s Suho, A-Pink’s Eunji will be voicing the character “Shiny” and comedian Shin Dong Yeop will be voicing “Neville Baddington“.

Check out the MV for Suho’s Saving Santa OST track below! After the song ends, be sure to catch the interview of the “Saving Santa” cast as well as Suho’s cute message to his fans. He says,

“If you don’t go watch Saving Santa, I’m going to Growl, Growl, Growl! Merry Christmas!”

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  1. Vanessa Anne says

    I’m so happy for Suho. *u*

  2. Hai Blut says

    his voice is grate. i want to watch the movie but i can’t found it. lovely suho

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