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EXO’s Suho to join new variety show “Fluttering India”

EXO’s Suho has been confirmed to be participating in a new variety show called “Fluttering India” (Name is tentative and could be changed by the time the show airs).

Suho will be departing for India around mid-February alongside INFINITE’s Sunggyu and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun. There’s word that the close friends of these idols may join the show as well.

The variety show will be aired on KBS in March and is being produced by Lee Ye Ji, who is also known to have produced the variety show “Hello Counselor“.

It would be interesting to see how our Suho will fare in an unfamiliar country with the culture shock and the language barrier.

EXO Suho to join new variety show called Fluttering India

Fluttering India will follow these idols as they attempt communicate with locals, adjust to the customs of India, and deal with being in a confusing environment far away from home.

It bears some semblance to Law of the Jungle… minus the whole surviving in the wild part.

We’re excited for this variety show to air and also worried about how Suho will handle everything.

But then again, he IS the leader of EXO and that has probably prepared him for any hardships life throws his way.

Source: Soompi


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