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EXO’s Tao assures fans that he’s not in a secret relationship

Apparently EXO’s Tao’s current Weibo profile picture has stirred up some jealousy amongst his fans…

Enough jealousy that he had to write a status update to clarify that he is not in a secret relationship!

His current Weibo profile picture is of  him forming a heart with his fingers using a mirror.

Tao’s fans, however, noticed that in that picture, Tao is wearing a “Cartier Couples Bracelet“, making them feel both jealous and worried that he might have a secret girlfriend.

Tao assures fans he's not in a secret relationship

Tao took to his Weibo account to clear up all of the rumors and assumptions made about his bracelet.

His latest Weibo status update says,

“This bracelet was a little goal from when I was little. I didn’t worry about it being made for couples, so I bought it. Only I am wearing it. I kissed it because I believe it is able to bring me good luck. I like it. Don’t think too much or make wild guesses.”

Well there you have it. Tao loves his luxury brands and he buys what he wants. Hopefully his message eases his fans’ minds.

I’m sure, however, that the members of the EXO fanbase are currently throwing jokes around about how Kris is probably wearing the other Cartier couple bracelet, etc etc (though it’d be very adorable if he was).

EXO's Tao assures fans that he's not in a secret relationship


Trans credit: SMent_EXO

  1. Vanessa Anne says

    What’s so wrong if he has a secret girlfriend? Actually, I would be very happy if the boys have girlfriends.

  2. Hai Blut says

    It doesn’t matter to you but it matter

  3. Hai Blut says

    It doesn’t matter to you but it’s matter to other fans

  4. Nicolekatey says

    Pfft.. yeah kris might be wearing the other one XD taoris feels~

  5. nah says

    He says that, and yet Sehun is always seen wearing the exact same bracelet, but in silver.


    Tao assures fans that he doesn’t have a secret girlfriend | EXO-L

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