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EXO’s Tao had to go to the hospital again

EXO’s Tao had to go to the hospital again last night after attending Youku Night.

It looks like his condition is getting worse and worse more quickly.

People were saying that he threw up backstage after EXO’s performance and that he was hanging onto his manager because he felt really weak.

He was taken to the hospital where they hooked him up to an IV drip.

EXO Tao had to go to the hospital again

With a comeback looming around, another concert tour coming in March, and a new web drama in the works, we’re worried what will happen to Tao.

You would think that after Luhan went through the same thing that Tao is currently going through right now, SM Entertainment would learn from their mistakes… but nope, they’re still following through with their slave-driving.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tao left EXO too. At least then he’d be healthy.

We hope you get well soon Tao.

Source: TAOSE_XD, @Taohae, and Plastic Min

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