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EXO’s Tao has lost his patience with Sasaeng fans

Tao from EXO has expressed his anger with his sasaeng fans over Weibo. He is losing all of his patience for these types of fans and their stalker-y, invasive actions.

On his Weibo post, he wrote that he was tired of these sasaeng fans calling him and the other EXO members in the middle of the night (how did they even get their numbers), sending them Kakao messages throughout the entire day, and following them around everywhere they walk.

Tao says that he hates when these sasaeng fans disrupt his everyday life. He wants to relax and take a break when he’s finished with work. He doesn’t like to be stalked.

He said that he would love his fans to love EXO the correct and normal way.

EXO's Tao has lost his patience with Sasaeng fans

These sasaeng fans are insane. I don’t understand why they think stalking their idols would be a good idea. Why would they think that would make their idols like them anymore? And do these sasaeng fans not have a personal life of their own? Or family or friends who tell them that stalking is not a good way to spend their lives?

People are very strange.

Check out Tao’s Weibo message below. He deleted it shortly after he posted it.

“I’ve seriously had enough with these people calling us in the middle of the night, sending us kakao messages the whole day, no matter where we go there’s always some person secretly following us, is it fun? I seriously hate it when other people disrupt my everyday life! I like to go shopping, eat out and meet up with friends, but I don’t like being stalked. I’m not a sinner! I’m not going out to commit a crime! I just want some peace and quiet to relax and take a break once I’m off work, a time for myself! Not something like this!”

I loved to use the right way to love those people who loves us EXO! I do not know how to express my love. But I just want to tell that I love you all! Thank you.

Translation Credit: SMent.EXO

  1. Tam says

    Good for you, Tao. <3 Those sasaeng fans really just need to get lives.

  2. NIWAnae says

    You are best welcome TAO-sshi<3

  3. NIWAnae says


    1. NIWAnae says


  4. Helena Magick says

    thank god he posted this. not only did this save the rest of his patience, but this probably helped the other members out too.

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  6. biggestfan0fex0 says

    I believe Tao is right in some way. He states in a video that he is far too young be in a relationship (he is 21 years of age) and that he wants to carry on with his life and his career. As for his fans, everyone still loves him but a bit too much.

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