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EXO’s TAO injures his neck and back during the Idol Star Athletics Competition

While the Idol Star Athletics Competition may be a ton of fun, it doesn’t come without any repercussions.

Many idols usually suffer injuries throughout the event, and this year there were a bunch. EXO’s Tao was one of the victims this year.

During the High Jump competition, Tao landed incorrectly and in turn injured both his back and his neck. The other EXO members rushed to his aid and carried him to get help.

Credit: SMent_EXO

After receiving treatment, Tao was escorted around the venue by his loving members, like Xiumin pictured above. But the injuries wasn’t what upset Tao the most during the event. Tao was crying and he went to the fan’s seating area where he apologized over and over again for “failing”. Tao had high hopes this year for the high jump. Last year, he was able to secure a silver medal, but this year he was determined to bring back home a gold one.

Hopefully he isn’t beating himself too much over the accident, because of course fans are more concerned about his health than some decorative medal. Get well soon Tao! You certainly deserve the rest.

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