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EXO’s Tao went to the emergency room today

EXO’s Tao had to go to the emergency room today due to a very bad cold.

He has been sick for over a month now. He’s had Gastroenteritis, a cold, a fever, and just recently he’s been coughing non-stop.

He went to the hospital in Beijing to be treated.

The nurses who were there very rarely see celebrities come in, so the nurse attending to him asked for an autograph, which he kindly gave to her.

EXO Tao went to the emergency room today

She also wanted to take a picture with him, but because he wasn’t feeling well and looking his best, he politely declined.

The nurse said that Tao was very nice to her.

Tao has since left the hospital with his manager.

As we know, today the 29th annual Golden Disk Awards will take place in Beijing, but we hope that Tao doesn’t have to perform in his condition.

We hope he takes lots of medication and that he recovers soon.

These boys really need their rest. It’s not just Tao that’s suffering from all these health conditions. Lay, Chen, Kai, and the others are all feeling worn out as well.

If SM Entertainment doesn’t want the other members to leave the group like Luhan or Kris, they better stop working EXO to the bone.

Source: Darling123, CherryTao, Timecntrl.

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