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EXO’s Tao wishes to be a great action movie star

EXO’s Tao recently shared on a EXO’s Showtime preview that he dreams of becoming a great action movie star.

Well, he already has the martial arts down, and according to him and a few of the EXO members, his acting skills should be pretty great as well.

We have no doubt that Tao will achieve becoming a great action movie star in the future.

However, the EXO members believe that he has a few things that he needs to work on before that is possible.

EXO's Tao wishes to be a great action movie star

While the details are scarce (because the episode of EXO’s Showtime has yet to be released), the members are worried about Tao’s “girlish” behavior that he exhibits at times.

But Tao is determined to overcome his shortcomings to pursue his dreams.

Bruce Kahn, Tao’s martial arts instructor who also previously choreographed action scenes for one of Jackie Chan’s movies, assures viewers that Tao definitely has the potential to achieve his dreams.

The latest episode of EXO’s Showtime is set to air shortly! It’ll be an action-packed episode.

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