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EXO’s Xiumin talks about his harsh diet


While interviewing on Naver’s V app, EXO’s Xiumin talked about the harsh diet he went through for EXO’s “Growl” promotions.

He told everyone that he lost weight by not eating,

“I only ate meals once every two days, and I drank a lot of coffee. During the Growl promotions, I only weighed 116 pounds.”

During EXO’s debut and their XOXO promotions, Xiumin was constantly criticized by netizens and even fans about his weight, leading him to resort to such strong diet measures.

But unfortunately, Xiumin’s diet didn’t stay long after Growl promotions ended.

EXO Xiumin talks about his harsh diet

He said that his weight “yoyo’d” back and he gained 22 pounds in only 2-3 months. His chubby cheeks came back and he realized that dieting by not eating was a horrible idea.

We hope that Xiumin doesn’t resort to some extreme dieting regimes in the future.

EXO’s Xiumin is currently promoting with Baekhyun and Chen in their new sub-unit “EXO-CBX”.

They’re already super successful only a day into their debut.

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