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Fan boy steals EXO-M Lay’s KFC standee

It looks like some fan boys aren’t afraid to show their admiration for the boys of EXO.

One Chinese fan boy stole a standee of EXO-M member Lay from his local KFC.

He looked very happy doing so too.

He wasn’t even shy when other fans took pictures of him following through with the act.

Fan boy steals EXO Lay's KFC Standee

While this is hilarious to an extent, and many EXO-L are laughing/applauding his efforts, I can’t help but notice that there is some kind of double standard going on here.

Remember last year when a fan girl stole a picture frame of Xiumin from EXO’s BWCW pop-up shop?

She got verbally destroyed by other EXO-L and netizens.

People called her a stalker, crazy, kleptomaniac, criminal, etc.

But comments about this fan boy are positive and full of support.

Fan boy or fan girl, stealing is stealing and it’s very wrong to condemn one person while praising another when they’ve both committed the same crime.

And also, where in the heck will he put that thing?

Source: Elfyeol @ Onehallyu

Fan boy steals EXO Lay's KFC Standee 1

Fan boy steals EXO Lay's KFC Standee 2

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