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Fan Confession – Kris leaving and the similarities to TVXQ

Hi. Well, I’m not sure whether this is a confession or not, but I really want to share with you because this is the first time I read news about EXO that is similar to how I feel.

Well, first, about Kris leaving:

Honestly I think it is his choice whether to leave or not, but I do feel a bit sad about it, especially after watching EXO Showtime.

They are all so close and play with each other very well, but the thing is, Kris making the decision to leave a week before their solo concert is to me very irresponsible, no matter what his reasons are.

Especially since he did not consult any member about this beforehand.

Fan Confession Kris and TVXQ

He should at least discuss with ONE member, whoever it may be. I really think the one who is hurting the most would be Suho cos he is the leader of all EXO, and he is quite close to Kris.

Plus, they are still promoting Overdose at that time. So yeah, the feeling of anger, betrayal and shock is understandable.

And another thing that annoys me is that people are blaming this on SM.

Honestly, I was not a fan of EXO before. I was into BAP and Block B. The reason is well, they are under SM.

You see, I’m a Cassie, and I also blame SM before for what happened to TVXQ.

Even then I was still confused because even if SM is really bad, why don’t the artists stand on their own feet and fight SM?

Why are they still thanking Lee Soo Man, including SM’s ex-artists?

So when SM introduced their newbie, EXO, I immediately disliked them, even though I have never knew or listen to any of their songs.

I even stopped listening to TVXQ songs (plus JYJ, though I never liked any of their songs before, I’ll get into that later).

But early this year, I started searching and listening to TVXQ (duo) again, and I started respecting their decision to stay, and I also stopped mostly blaming SM for what happened. Maybe there are flaws in SM, but TVXQ are happy now just the way they are.

Now back to EXO. I started taking interest in EXO after reading the news on Kris leaving. Because EXO had just debuted, I was wondering what made this man file a lawsuit towards SM?

Is it the “strict schedule” thing again? So I decided to get to know EXO better, through EXO’s Showtime. I thought that I’d be hating it, but in just 5 minutes, I already fell with them :3.

Their dorkiness, charms, everything!! I always thought that they will be fake, arrogant, and self-conscious. You see, I guess I have this eye for looking at people and knowing whether they are fake or not, though looks can be deceiving and yeah we need time to get to know another person better.

But watching them in EXO Showtime made me realized they are not. And so I started watching EXO ST till the last episode, and starting from then, I officially became an EXOtic.

Then I started listening to their music, and I LOVED IT!! Honestly, BAP and Block B music are very interesting at first, but I started losing interest after a while.

Like after listening to it so many times I got bored. That’s not the case for EXO songs. Its catchy and I can listen to them again and again (I’ll tell you if I ever get bored with it, though I doubt it :P).

But really, people should stop blaming it on SM. Maybe there are flaws in their way of handling and taking care of their artists, but its not entirely their fault. Kris should have seen it coming, and I mean the busy schedule and everything.

SM had been very controversial and he should know it (Hankyung and JYJ case). He chose to be in SM on the first place, so leaving after 2 years of debut is really uncalled for.

As I recall Heechul said, it’s a different situation from Hankyung because SM even put 3 other Chinese members in the group so that they wouldn’t feel lonely.

As for saying their managers invaded their privacy, bullying and doing what SM wants forcibly… is to me illogical. Come on, our idols are not stupid. They know what they are doing. Maybe they even ask their manager to write something for them. Maybe I’m wrong, but EXO and their managers have a good relationship.

To all that says SM controls their artists, just know that your idols are not stupid. And they are not helpless either. To think that they would follow anything SM says because SM pays them, well, technically its true, but they know what is right and what is wrong.

So stop blaming anyone. We don’t know what truly happened, so just let it go. Things happen, but blaming SM, EXO or Kris is not helping. Keep supporting whoever you want to support without hating on the other party.

And this has nothing to do with EXO, maybe a bit, but I still wanna share. About TVXQ and JYJ. After the spilt, I tried listening to both parties, like their songs and everything.

But honestly I cannot bring myself to like JYJ songs. I prefer TVXQ songs, even when people say they were lacking, and bla bla bla. But I find TVXQ to grow more, and Yunho and Changmin’s voice really fit and harmonize with each other very well. Most song in their albums never fail to surprise me. Strong vocals like in Why?, Getaway, and soft ballads like Good Night and She really gets me  while I find JYJ to be the same.

There is no changes or growth in them. And their harmony doesn’t really fit me. Well, maybe it’s just me. And just like Kris, I think they did not think of others when they made the decision to leave, and that to me is a bit selfish (I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this). I just hope they can work things out nicely between them, like SJ and Hankyung.

I know a lot of people might be hating on me on this, but this is just purely my personal thoughts that I want to share.

p/s: my bias is Chen Chen ^_^

truly from anonymous B)

Here is a post by another EXO fan who would like to stay anonymous.

I can relate to this confession because I used to be a fan of TVXQ before they split apart.

They were the group that first got me into K-Pop, and I thought they were the best thing ever.

They all had amazing vocals and their songs were above and beyond, so it really broke my heart when news came out that they were splitting up.

So like many Cassies who are also EXOtics, my heart broke a second time when I saw articles coming out that Kris was leaving EXO.

I thought it was all a bunch of BS and that tabloids were just trying to get viewers.

But when Kris cancelled his ticket back to South Korea and when the courts confirmed the story, it was just all so very unreal.

I, like you, fell even more in love with EXO thanks to EXO’s Showtime (which definitely deserves a second season).

And to be honest, watching those episodes of Showtime, I would never have guessed that Kris was feeling “disconnected” from his fellow members. He seemed to have a lot of fun eating with them, playing around with them and joking with them, and they all loved him as well.

So when the news broke out that he was leaving, one week before their first solo-concert and also in the middle of EXO’s Overdose promotions, I was conflicted.

And I was one of those people saying, “Okay, what did SM Entertainment do this time?”

But this time around, I honestly don’t think it was SM’s fault. They tried mediating with him multiple times, in order to hear his side and better accommodate his needs, but he didn’t make an effort to do anything to rectify the situation. He kept skipping the mediation hearings.

I started to feel less sorry for Kris when those Chinese news reports came out, saying he was leaving EXO for this and that. I felt those reports were just a smokescreen so that he could blame SM, EXO, and get publicity for his new projects, which he conveniently had lined up for him, one month before his leave I might add.

One of the most BS stories I read about him leaving was that he felt he didn’t belong with the other members.

Also, when I heard that he had a serious heart condition, I really felt bad for him because it would make sense that being a celebrity with a strict schedule would be terrible for his health.

But you know what people with heart conditions are supposed to do? They’re supposed to rest and recover. Constant medical treatment and non-strenuous activity.

But Kris didn’t rest. He  just went out and started filming a moving, flying all over the place to do so.

Not only that, but he was also singing OSTs for other movies (and I’ll admin that his voice is quite nice).

If he’s suffering from this serious heart problem, shouldn’t he wait a while and recover? I don’t think he understands that heart problems are very serious conditions.

So his actions made me very skeptical about just… everything the media was telling us.

And I understand that news reports came out showing Kris’s medical files, and fans stalked him and saw him at the hospital once… but I have a hard time believing anything because like the news reports in South Korea, the Chinese media can be played as well by big entertainment companies.

But at this point, what’s done is done, and while I’m upset with Kris, I’m glad that he’s happy now and that he’s getting more solo activities.

And I’m also happy for EXO, whose members are doing well and who are also starting to get their solo activities (and I think the whole Kris drama had a hand in helping with that).

So what are your guys’ opinions? Discuss!

And if you have a confession of your own that you would like to submit, please e-mail them to [email protected]!

  1. ExoticRose says

    After reading these articles, I finally got to see some people who agree with me. Thank you for being brave enough to post something that could potentially get your head bitten off but not by rational fans like me. I completely agree with everything your saying… and one of the only reasons I was upset with Kris came from a recent “Happy Camp” episode where tao, lay, and the other members were visibly showing how upsetting this incident was for them. It hurt my heart like none of the other stuff did because it was the first time they actually, really, showed their hurt over his leaving. My poor bias tao has been having a rougher time than most and, for Kris to just spring it on him like this, I couldn’t believe it.. I also do believe in respecting his decision to leave, and that there are people who will support him and I don’t hate him for leaving, I just wish he’d let someone know. I didn’t hate on SM either, I’m just going to keep supporting EXO in all their endeavors.

  2. dwaejixo03 says

    I feel like people should be more open to this whole situation. Im not saying your opinion is invalid, im glad you spoke your feelings. Im just saying its good to think about this with an open mind. I personally think that Kris has better working conditions. You talked about him going right to work after stating he had health problems. That does seem sketchy but just think, the life of an idol is way more strenuous than that of an actor. Hes no longer practicing until 3AM and getting very little sleep so I can personally consider his change to be a “break”. But again I can agree with what you said and you have every right to feel the way you do. I try to tell myself “there’s two sides to every story” :3

  3. Maijun Jamdee says

    At first, I thought it was all SM’s fault. Thinking about it now, I can’t really point fingers, can’t I? I mean, none of us don’t truthfully know what the hell is going on, and I will admit, Kris’ actions are kinda sketchy in a sense. Even so, I will respect Kris’ decision, but I feel like the situation could be handeled so much better.

  4. lauren kent says

    I’m not trying to hate, but we don’t know ANYTHING that’s happening behind closed doors. He could of told all the members… and even if he didn’t, you don’t think they would at least be a tiny bit suspicious of him not riding the plane with them and had no schedule over in China, they’re also together 24/7, so they should really have some idea that he was uncomfortable with how the company was treating him, or AT LEAST one.

    You also said that Kris failed to turn up to ,multiple. meditations, I’ve only heard of one happening. Both Kris and the CEO Kim Young Min , Not Lee Soo Man(soo man helps them with their music), were not present,they didn’t need to be, that mediation was for their lawyers to talk things through, it was entirely optional for them both to be there. If the lawyer had any questions to ask Kris, surely he would just call him…

    Kris might not even have a heart condition. All we know is that his blood pressure levels are high, too high. And that he was likely to have myocarditis, likely. Maybe once he got the all clear from the doctor, he went to go film and to record. And tbh recording a song for a couple of hours and filming a movie for half a year, isn’t that stressful, it would be the perfect job to lower them in fact..

    The only reason they added more Chinese members was to make it easier for the Chinese audience to like them better, making more money for the company. This is what SM wants you to think, that they’re innocent.

    Kris might not have even known about the lawsuit being processesed , until the day before, he recorded for Overdose…He made preparations for the concert…This sounds like he thought that he would be staying longer, and didn’t have any control of when it would be announced to the public.

    And also you said that Kris didn’t look like he was disconnected to the members, that wasn’t one of the issues Kris’s lawyer came up with, he said nothing about being uncomfortable around the members.Just that he was being paid unfairly, had no say in his schedule and had his human rights being taken away.

    There’s lots more i could say about the matter, but we need to stop assuming it’s all one sides fault, yes it was Kris’ decision to leave, yes the company was treated him like bull****, yes the members haven’t said one ‘we miss you’ or ‘come back’ since he’s left. We just need to give it time, till the ‘facts’ come out, don’t presume just because Kris is working that he’s being rude, because having a lawyer and going through a lawsuit costs a lot of money.. and because one of the things his lawyer said was being paid unfairly, he probably needs to earn more money. The only way to do this would be to work.

    This is me seeing it from my POV, my opinion. At the end of the day we should just shut up about it until the lawsuit has been completed.

  5. aakk says

    what i don’t understand is why Kris doesn’t feel connected with the other members.. Looking back on every episode of EXO SHOWTIME, we can clearly see that he is having fun with them. All members even respected him more that they respect SUHO that was supposed to be the main LEADER, right?

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