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Fan gifts NCT’s Taeyong a Gundam at the Daegu fansign event


NCT-U just held their first successful fansign event yesterday at Daegu, and everything was going well, but for some reason anti-fans wanted to come in and ruin the fun.

A fan came to the fansign event yesterday with a Gundam to gift to Taeyong.

Now for those of you who don’t know the details of Taeyong’s past scandals, he used to scam people online by selling them Gundams that were missing parts or weren’t as described.

He would verbally attack people who asked for refunds or would ask him why he lied about the products.

Fan gifts NCT Taeyong with Gundam and Daegu fansign event

Taeyong has apologized for his past, considering he was just a young, immature kid back then, but people love to rehash the past (looking at you netizens).

When the anti-fan handed Taeyong the Gundam, he didn’t react negatively on the outside. He thanked her for the gift and everything moved on.

But we can only imagine how much the gift affected him.

People are super rude and we hope that fan gifts for NCT are screened in the future so no one can embarrass Taeyong again.

Other than that little piece of unpleasantness, the fansign event was a huge success. The boys were all in high spirits, everyone received a lot of love and gifts, and Taeil was super cute being nervous.

Hopefully Taeil builds more confidence in the future.

Source: LTY_INT

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