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Fan girls mob Kai at Singapore airport

Fan girls still don’t understand the concept of personal space.

On his way to a schedule in Japan, Kai had to make a stop at a Singapore airport.

There he was mobbed by a bunch of fan girls, who were shoving him around and sticking their phones all in his face.

It was after midnight, so Kai was very exhausted and 100% didn’t want to put up with any of this.

Fan Girls mob EXO Kai at Singapore Airport

He still managed to stay polite, saying “excuse me” to the girls and telling them to be careful and not to hurt themselves.

Because Kai arrived only with his manager (the other EXO members took earlier flights), there were no security guards to keep the fan girls at bay.

Several fans caught the incident on video. Check those out below. Be warned, you’ll be infuriated.

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