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[Fanacc] Taeyong was a loner in high school

A fan posted her account of what Taeyong was like when he attended the Seoul School of Performing Arts.

She stated that Taeyong didn’t have many friends, or friends at all while attending the school.

He didn’t really engage well in conversations, and mainly slept while in school.

He was very polite to teachers and they were the only people he was really close with.

He enjoyed drinking flavored milk, including mocha milk, strawberry milk, and mint chocolate milk.

There was a period of time when Taeyong had to be absent from school (reasons were not given).

This makes me very sad, because it reminds me of the video of the SOPA graduation ceremony where everyone was celebrating with each other and Taeyong was just there standing there and not enjoying himself.

But he has a bunch of friends now with NCT, and they’ve really helped him open up more.

He’s turned out quite well since graduating.

Source: YourTrace_

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