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[Fancam] Baekhyun’s My Turn To Cry + EXO’s Baby Don’t Cry

Check out this fancam of Baekhyun’s solo stage for My Turn To Cry and EXO’s performance of Baby, Don’t Cry.

These songs are a match made in heaven and we’re glad that they were performed together.

We only get to hear a snippet of Baekhyun’s solo stage, but we get to hear the complete performance for Baby, Don’t Cry.

EXO killed their performance and it completely brings us back to a year ago when they were performing the song for their Wolf promotions.

Good times.

[Fancam] Baekhyun's solo stage and EXO's Baby Don't Cry

Check out Baekhyun’s solo stage and EXO’s performance of Baby Don’t Cry in the video below.

Also stay tuned for more fancams from EXO from EXO Planet – Lost Planet in Seoul #1 later!

  1. ara jean says

    exo baekhyun

  2. micaela reyes says

    OMG 🙂
    gAling Talaga Ni Baekhyun <3

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