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Fans are ready for NCT’s Taeyong to debut

NCT’s Taeyong will have a huge fanbase waiting for him when he debuts this spring.

Everything was a little up-in-the-air for a while after his multiple scandals leaked out onto the internet. Netizens were ready to roast him in the fire and many were demanding that he’d be expelled from SMROOKIES.

But two recent Instiz threads popped up showing that fan girls are looking forward to him debuting and they couldn’t care less about what he did in the past.

Check out the comments on these posts below, translated by PrettyMof#cka:

Fans are ready for NCT Taeyong to debut

– so he after all won’t get dropped

– I’m just asking…if he is the center won’t the group’s image get damaged?

– his visual is excellent seriously

– really handsome it seems like he’s somehow mixed Japanese

– I do like his visual

– woowowowowow handsome seriously wow

– his face is really daebak

– he is off-putting…

– he’s eyes are extremely shining

– sm likes money we already know that but this isn’t it…they should think of the victims

– he looks good but it won’t be forgotten

– finally they are debuting

– is this the one…

– when he is like this he is like a handsome friend….it’s a pity

– scamyong?

– wow seriously he looks like he came out from a manhwa….I don’t want to do this but if I just look at his face everything is forgotten…⭐️

– it’s a trap!!

– he’s a serious type of handsome

– but seriously from where sm gets all those good looking people I don’t know

– an out-of-this-world like beauty

– this is not sm rookies Taeyong this is NCT Taeyong and congrats!!

Jongdae L Mingyu Luhan…?

– he came from a manhwa ㅠㅠㅠ

– wow….. he is handsome

– from now on when you have activities show very often a good image of yourself

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