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Fans are upset at SM’s stylists for wearing EXO’s gifts

SM’s choreographer recently uploaded a picture on Instagram that has many Korean EXOtics upset.

In the picture, one of SM’s stylist is seen wearing clothes that were gifted to the EXO members by fans.

The stylist is seen possibly wearing one of Sehun’s coats as well as Thom Brown shoes. The items’ values equal a total of $2000.

The Korean EXOtics began commenting on SM’s choreographer’s Instagram picture, demanding an explanation.

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Some EXOtics are defending SM’s stylist, saying that fans shouldn’t hastily jump to conclusions and that perhaps the stylist purchased the clothes on his own.

Whatever the case may be, perhaps lashing out at SM’s choreographer isn’t the best way to go about the situation.

EXOtics already have a terribly bad reputation amongst the K-Pop community, and their angry comments will only make things worse.

Let’s give SM’s stylist the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did purchase the shoes and the coats on his own (because I’m sure SM’s stylists make a great salary). Or maybe EXO, being the kind and lovable gentleman that they are, gave SM’s stylists and staff members permission to access their closet?

There are many possibilities.

What is your take on this situation?

Source: Nate Pann & Gurupop

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  1. Maijun Jamdee says

    We shouldn’t jump into conclusions so quickly. We don’t actually know if it’s their clothes. He could’ve just coincidentally bought the same clothes EXO themselves have. If it were actually their clothes, then, well, did he get permission?

    If he did, then it would be a completely different story…
    If not, then that’s quite rude!

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