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Fans make Sehun a lord in Scotland for his birthday (No, Seriously).

It’s EXO Sehun’s birthday!! Yay, and fansites all around are getting him elaborate and thoughtful gifts.

One fansite in particular thought it would be a great idea to purchase Sehun a piece of land in Scotland; a piece of land that would grant him an official title as “Lord”.

Now before we get all carried away with how much this fansite spent, don’t worry, it wasn’t too much.

It turns out, buying a piece of land in Scotland, specifically 1 square foot of land, can cost as low as about $40.

It’s kind of a novelty thing, like buying one of those “own a star” gifts you’re able to get people.

Fans officially make Sehun a Lord no seriously

Sehun’s fansite purchased a piece of land from the “Glencoe” estate in Scotland, the lowest priced piece of land from Highland Titles.

It’s a thoughtful and entertaining gift, and we’re glad that fans aren’t shelling out an insane amount of money for their idols.


But we’re still happy to take full advantage of this gift now.

All hail Lord Sehun. He better get used to hearing that from EXO-L.

Lord Oh Sehun Scotland

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