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Fans and netizens are amazed at GOT7 Jackson’s “Wang”

A recent gif of GOT7’s Jackson on SBS’s Roommate has been making circles around the GOT7 community as well as the K-Pop community.

It was when the boys of Roommate were hanging out at the bath house/spa where a half-naked Jackson showed off what he was packing.

After seeing what was going on underneath Jackson’s briefs, netizens started coming up with some nicknames and witty remarks for him.

Check out those netizen comments below, translated by Kashigasa:

Fans and netizens are amazed at GOT7 Jacksons Wang

Fans and netizens are amazed at GOT7 Jacksons Wang 1

– “Jackson “WANG”

– “Why is it so big”

– “Jackson should do p*rn”

– “WANG is right”

– “Bigbang? Big wang.”


– “…


– “Well, hello there Mr. Wang! And Jackson, hi to you too.”


– “My computer says I can’t save a file this big”

Even though it’s a bit pervy, we love how much love Jackson is receiving from both fans and netizens.

He is still a very young rookie, but we know that in the future he’ll have lots and lots of career opportunities awaiting him.

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