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Fans sing happy birthday to EXO’s Lay at the Shanghai Music Festival

EXO’s Lay was definitely feeling the love at the Shanghai Music Festival the other day.

EXO’s fans in China all teamed up together to sing Happy Birthday to Lay!

What was even more adorable was the other EXO-M members joined in on the song.

Lay managed to fight back his tears, but he was still misty-eyed. To thank all of his fans for their love, Lay sang a small portion of a song for them.

Fans sing happy birthday to EXO's Lay at the Shanghai Music Festival

You can check out a fancam of the event in the video below!

EXO-M had a great time at the concert. They performed a bunch of songs, including Wolf, Growl, History, Lucky, and more! They had 50-minutes on the stage to themselves, showing just how coveted and popular they are.

They boys just returned to Korea, and luckily for all of them, they have a completely free day today to do whatever they want! I hope they spend a good amount of that time sleeping in. They deserve it.

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  2. YixieL says

    Zhang Yixing…. Lay! ♥.♥

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