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Fans speculate that Lay will be withdrawing from EXO


Amidst the controversy surrounding Lay’s absence from SPAO’s limited edition EXO promotion, fans have started to speculate that Lay may soon be withdrawing from the group.

According to an article posted on Naver, neither SM Entertainment nor EXO have reached out to clarify why Lay wasn’t included in the limited edition fan set that SPAO is releasing from February 20th through February 28th.

Even SPAO had “no information” regarding leaving Lay out of the promotions, and fans discovered that even with Lay focusing on his promotions, he was less than an hour away from SPAO’s store while the promotion pictorials were taking place.

Fans calculated how many of EXO’s promotions Lay was active in from December 2015 – January 2016 and they discovered that he was only present for 5 out of 21 events. That’s 23.8% of the events that he was a part of.

Fans speculate that Lay will be withdrawing from EXO

There were even rumors that Lay will be releasing his own solo album this year, which doesn’t help to quell any suspicions from fans.

EXO fans started getting a little more negative and personal against Lay with their speculations, saying that his popularity is the lowest in the group anyway and that the group would do just fine without him.

We want to stay positive though and we hope that Lay doesn’t leave the group.

Lay has spoken up before about people’s speculations of him and his solo activities while EXO was promoting.

He expresses his guilt and his sadness for not being able to participate in EXO’s group activities as much as before, and that he’s thankful to his other members for understanding.

We know that his schedule is jam-packed throughout the first half of 2016. We hope afterwards though, he’ll be more active in EXO’s promotions.

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