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Fans upset that EXO were backup dancers for SHINee

While it seemed that many people liked EXO’s collaborations with their labelmates TaeTiSeo and SHINee, a bunch of fans are upset that EXO were put as backup dancers for their performances.

Fans were outraged at how EXO was being treated as if they were low-level rookies despite all of the progress that they made this year.

And SHINee’s Shawols were upset that SHINee had to do a collaboration stage for a year-end ceremony despite being a 6-year old veteran group.

Many fans took to message boards to voice their opinion of the entire event.

Fans upset that EXO were backup dancers for SBS's 2013 Gayo Daejun

Here are some of their comments translated by NetizenBuzz:

“EXO is not on the level to be someone else’s back dancer ㅠㅠ I’m so sad, especially to think all that EXO prepared ㅠㅠ”

“I’m so mad, SHINee deserved to have their own stage, not a collab stage.”

“SHINee is always stuck with collab stages at year-end shows… They never get their own solo stage.”

“Honestly, I only remember seeing EXO on SHINee’s Everybody stage. I get that SHINee fans are upset that SHINee never got their own stage and EXO fans are upset that the boys had to practice hard just for something short like that but ㅠㅠ please remember that there are fans of artists who barely got any screentime to begin with ㅠㅠㅠ”

“I blame all of this on SM.”

“I was so angry when the MCs said it’s finally SHINee! but EXO came out first… not only that, but how can SM not grab SHInee, a 6 year artist, their own solo stage.”

“I don’t understand why SHINee always has to get the rookie treatment. As if collab stages weren’t enough, they were put at the end of the stage with their performance cut off..”

“EXO is 2 years old now, they have the fandom to back them up. They don’t need to be stuck in their senior’s stage as back dancers. This was not a collab stage at all. If SM needed back dancers, they should’ve hired actual backdancers. EXO did not practice hard just for this.”

I saw EXO during Everybody and the light setup during Dream Girl… so where was SHINee’s stage again?

It’s definitely strange to see EXO only perform as back-up dancers during these year-end ceremonies. It would’ve been a better collaboration if SM Entertainment actually had these artists collaborate.

And it is very strange how EXO made the beginning appearance during SHINee’s special stage.

But outrage aside, all three groups put on great performances for this year’s Gayo Daejun.

  1. ohorat says

    did the author who wrote this even watch gayo daejun? exo weren’t “only” back-up dancers. they had their own growl performance /along with/ being “back-up” for TTS and collaborating in shinee’s performance (which is why some fans are mad bc there was “too much” exo everywhere while, on the other hand, some people are angry for making exo learn choreography for little screen time)

  2. Maijun Jamdee says

    I wasn’t upset, but I was just curious as to why they did that. It was unnecessary if you ask me.

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