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Fellow actors praise D.O on It’s Okay, It’s Love

Kyungsoo has been getting a lot of praise from his fellow actors and directors for his acting on It’s Okay, It’s Love.

A lot of people were wary of EXO D.O’s acting… because well, he’s an idol and he’s also from SM Entertainment.

There is just a lot going against him in terms of public recognition for his acting.

But it looks like D.O is about to turn some heads and prove netizens wrong by showcasing his talents.

Fellow Actors praise D.O's acting on It's Okay It's Love

Jo In Sung said,

“Kyungsoo and I have a lot of scenes in the drama. Some people might suspect that he got many scenes because of EXO’s fame, but Kyungsoo gives me a good feeling.”

Kim Gyu Tae, the PD of the drama, said,

“Kyungsoo’s original role was supposed to be dark and heavy, but the producers changed his role to a bright and cheerful character. Do Kyungsoo acts very casually, but he acts well. To be honest, everything Kyungsoo does is cute. He brings us a cheerful and good ambience. He has his own style of acting. He’s able to make any facial expression and his lines are cute.”

Gong Hyo Jin said,

“It’s such a pity that Kyungsoo only has scenes with Jo In Sung. Kyungsoo has received a lot of love from the crew as he’s the maknae, and he didn’t hide his cute personality. Kyungsoo is still trying to adapt to the press con. Everyone please don’t mind and please like him.”

Netizens have also been pleasantly surprised by the trailer for It’s Okay, It’s Love. Although D.O’s screen time is short in the trailer, netizens felt that his acting wasn’t bad.

Kyungsoo’s drama will begin airing next Wednesday, July 23rd. We’ll get to see him in action! Good luck D.O.

Trans credit: EXOverflow

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  1. passion burn says

    I just watched it and omg OTL
    he’s really my bae

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