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Final Fantasy XIV receives companion app – In-game market board access, login bonuses, and more!

Final Fantasy XIV will finally be receiving the companion app that has been in the works since the game’s relaunch.

The new companion app, which will be released alongside patch 4.3 of the game in late May, will provide players with a bunch of nifty features accessible straight from their smartphones.

There will be a free version of the app, and a premium version of the app which provides slightly more benefits.

Here are the benefits of each:

Free Version:

  1. Chat with people on your friends list.
  2. Schedule events with your friends and free company.
  3. Manage your inventory.
  4. Access the in-game market board, meaning you can check the prices of items, list items, and buy items.
  5. Manage your character.
  6. Set an additional favorite aetheryte in-game.
  7. Collect Moogle coins and kupo nuts as a login bonus.

Premium Version:

  1. All of the benefits of the free version.
  2. An additional in-game retainer.
  3. Double your saddlebag capacity.
  4. Retainer and saddlebag management.
  5. Receive an additional kupo nut from your login bonus as well as be able to hold more kupo nuts than compared to free plan users.

The app will be available on both Android and iOS.

Patch 4.3 – Under the Moonlight – and the companion app have a tentative launch date of May 22nd.

Alongside the companion app, players will also be getting the following as revealed from the patch notes and live letter:

  1. One new trial unrelated to the four lords (Seiryu, Suzaku, and Gendou will have to wait).
  2. A new ultimate boss battle titled, “The Minstrel’s Ballad: The Weapon’s Refrain“. (Update: It’s expected to be released in patch 4.31 instead).
  3. New 24-man “Return to Ivalice” raid located at “The Ridorana Lighthouse“.
  4. One new four man dungeon called “The Swallow’s Compass” for players to easily get bored of.
  5. New frontline daily campaign rotation.
  6. Job adjustments for Dark Knight, Samurai, and Astrologians.
  7. Cross-world linkshells so you can keep in touch with friends who have transferred to new servers.
  8. Deep Dungeon 2 – Heaven-on-High with 100 floors for a 1-4 man party to go through.
  9. And a bunch of QoL adjustments (some great, some terrible).

One thing to note is that the 24-man alliance raids have a new QoL adjustment that will not sit well with players.

Before, the loot system for the 24-man raids were similar to the loot system in all of the other content; you are able to “need” gear that your main class (the class you’re running the raid with) can equip and “greed” other gear that your main can’t use, but your alts can.

Now, all loot in the 24-man raids are greed-only, meaning it’ll be much, much more difficult for you to get your weekly item from the raids, meaning you’ll have to go through the torture of running the raid over and over until you get your weekly loot.

Perhaps this is Square Enix’s ploy to get players to spend more time on their content… But it’ll probably just end up backfiring.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the content.

We haven’t received word on how much the premium version of the Final Fantasy XIV companion app will cost, but we’ll update this post as soon as we find out.

We can’t wait for Patch 4.3 – Under the Moonlight -.

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