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Former Flash Wolves Jungler “Karsa” joins Royal Never Give Up

It looks like Karsa, Hung Hau-Hsuan, has found a new home in the eSports world, and pretty quickly we might add.

He left his former home at Flash Wolves earlier this month because he wanted to pursue a more challenging and rewarding international career, one that he felt he wasn’t properly satisfying where he previously was.

The Royal eSports Club announced Karsa’s recruitment on Weibo, stating he will be a jungler for “Royal Never Give Up” starting in 2018.

We hope that Karsa loves his new home.

It can be tough leaving a team he grew together with and accomplished so much with, but we can understand his desire to pursue more in his career.

In regards to his new team change, he told reporters,

“After getting 1st place at the LMS every single time, I started to feel myself not getting anywhere. In order to improve as a player, I needed to change my environment. I needed to challenge my own limitations. I will do my best to present a better version of myself in the future.”

Karsa is considered one of the top junglers in the LMS. He is considered a top 3 playmaker, alongside Levi and Mlxg.

However, since Mlxg is RNG’s current jungler, we’re not sure what he’s going to do with the addition of Karsa.

He hasn’t made any statements regarding his future, but some speculate that he might be joining a new team come 2018.

Karsa’s first major event with RNG in the world of eSports will be at the 2018 LPL.

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