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Former U-Kiss Member Kevin Surprisingly Joins Jessica’s Agency

Kevin Woo, formerly a member of U-Kiss, has just signed with Jessica’s agency “Coridel Entertainment“.

I don’t know if anyone saw that coming, but good for him.

Coridel Entertainment, formed by Jessica and her boyfriend, is a really small company, housing only 3 artists so far; Jessica, PLAYBACK, and now Kevin.

For a small company, their music isn’t bad at all.

Check out PLAYBACK’s song “Want You to Say”

But what we, and fans, are worried about is Coridel’s management style…

We haven’t had any music releases or activities from either Jessica or PLAYBACK all year, so we’re worried what they’d be able to do for Kevin.

Not to mention that their artists rarely perform on music shows or are featured at all on TV.

Coridel doesn’t exactly have a far reach in the Kpop industry and we’re not too sure if SM Entertainment is blackballing the company because of Jessica.

But if Kevin thinks this is a good move for his career, the more power to him.

We wish everyone in that company luck and hope we get new material from them soon.

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