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Founder and CEO of TS Entertainment Passes Away

The CEO and founder of TS Entertainment, Kim Tae Song, has passed away.

His family has declined to answer any questions about his passing, but has asked for everyone to pray that he can rest in peace.

TS Entertainment is known for several K-Pop groups, such as B.A.P, Secret, SONAMOO, Untouchable, and TRCNG.

The company was embroiled in a lawsuit with B.A.P citing contract disagreements, but they had reached a settlement and continued to work together.

The company also had legal troubles with Secret, which led to the disbandment of the group and several of the members leaving the company altogether.

Kim Tae Song was a manager for the very first boy group in K-Pop, SoBangCha.

He decided he wanted to manage/debut his own artists, so he founded TS Entertainment in 2008.

The company only debuted a few acts, but most reached a great level of success, despite not having the resources like the big 3.

We’re saddened by Kim Tae Song’s passing, and offer our condolences to his family.

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