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Full Music Video for 2EYES’s “Shooting Star” Unveiled

It’s finally here! The full music video for 2EYES’s “Shooting Star” has finally been revealed, but not officially through SidusHQ.

ClueTV had the honor of airing 2EYES’s music video through its channel, which is a bit strange, but who cares.. we’ll go with it.

The music video is very cheery and has this nightlife feel to it. The girls all look happy and the MV’s setting matches the song well.

Full music video for 2EYES Shooting Star unveiled

During the latter part of the music video, you get to see all of the lucky fans who were chosen as extras to be in 2EYES’s music video! Everyone is dancing the night away.

It’s strange, but I think the music video actually makes me like “Shooting Star” a lot more, not that it wasn’t good before. It really depicts the song well and makes it seem a lot more upbeat and energetic.

Now that the official music video has finally been revealed, it shouldn’t be long before SidusHQ uploads it through their video sharing portals. We might see that happen tonight!

Source: For_2EYES

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