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F(x)’s Amber shows off her closeness with EXO’s Kris


To demonstrate the bond of F(EXO), F(x)’s Amber showed off her close friendship with EXO’s Kris yesterday through her personal Instagram. She showed herself wearing Kris’s jacket, the same one he was wearing when EXO achieved their 3rd win in a row with “Growl”.

While wearing Kris’s Jacket, she had f(x)’s Krystal record her dancing to EXO’s “Growl”. She amused both Kris and Krystal with her goofiness, but in the end, she pretty just ended up disgusting Krystal ,who ended the video saying, “Eww”.

f(x)'s Amber goofs around in EXO Kris's jacket

Amber and Kris have always been close, even before EXO made their debut into the K-Pop business. In an interview where f(X) was asked to choose their favorite EXO member, Amber stated without hesitation that Kris was her favorite EXO member.

You can also see in several backstage footage as well as selcas that Kris and Amber are true friends. They unintentionally match clothes with each other. They hug each other whenever one of them makes an achievement, and they’re always chatting. Their strong bond could be due to the fact that they’re one of the few people in SM that can fluently speak both English and Chinese (with the other known person being Henry).

It’s always fun to see SM labelmates being close with one another, but Kris and Amber have one of the more special friendships that speaks to fans. Check out Amber’s cute video below!

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  1. Rachel ¬‿¬ says

    Me gusta que ambos se lleven bien 😀 EXO+F(X) = PERFECCTION

  2. Sheerah David says

    LOL!! Amber is so funny..Its nice to see her friendship with Kris.. They must be like best friends since they can talk English and all.. I wonder if Henry is one of their bff..

  3. Adeleyouknowher says

    I hope they become a couple. Shouldn’t Amber and Kris be on We Got Married?

    1. randomnesslovesamber says

      if only it was possible for the company to allow them XD

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