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Gagman Jo Se Ho thought EXO’s Kris was rude at first

On the mobile variety program “Ji Sang Ryul’s Ten Rumors“, Gagman Jo Se Ho revealed that when he first encountered EXO’s Kris, he thought he was rude.

But Jo Se Ho didn’t know at the time that Kris was Chinese, and not Korean, and that Kris was not yet used to Korea’s culture.

After realizing that Kris was a foreigner, he saw him in a completely different light. And after getting to know Kris even more, he came to find out that unlike other people, Kris actually has a lot of manners.

Jo Se Ho even proceeded to prove his closeness with Kris by showing everyone that Kris was the #1 contact on his phone.

Kris Wolf Days

This isn’t the first time that a foreign K-Pop artist was mistaken to be ill-mannered. Many other foreign idols have been misjudged in the past, like Jay Park back when he used to be the leader of 2PM.

But of course, all of those misunderstandings get cleared up in time.

And we know from several interviews that EXO’s Kris is very well-mannered and nice.

What I am very surprised about is how close Jo Se Ho and Kris are!

Source: Soompi

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