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Get a morning wakeup call from EXO! (Android-users only)

If you’re an EXO fan and are an owner of an Android device, you’re going to love this. EXO has just released their own set of ringtones and alarm clocks for Dodol Pop!

A lot of you may be going, “What the heck is Dodol Pop!” It’s basically a theme changer that lets you modify your ringtones, alarm clocks, notification sounds, and SMS messaging sounds. What’s fantastic about it is that K-Pop artists are starting to collaborate with the app to make it more appealing to users.

Get a morning wake up call from EXO!
Credit: SMEnt_EXO

EXO’s just one of the latest K-Pop acts to get into this Dodol Pop craze. The group has just released a “Growl” package for Dodol Pop, which includes 3 special video messages all in a different language.

There are also 20 audio ringtones, with each member singing to you or telling you to wake up/pick up the phone.

There are also 7 notification sounds that you can set for your phone. These sounds can vary from EXO members telling you they love you, or them saying a phrase from some of their popular songs.

This app may be any EXO fan’s dream come true, because who wouldn’t want their favorite artists, let alone their bias in the group, telling them to wake up.

You can download EXO’s Growl Dodol Package here! And also be sure to download Dodol Pop beforehand. The promotion is said to be available only for a limited time, so you better act fast.

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  1. Michelle Turrubiates-Park says

    Why not for the iPhone too? They’d seriously make tons more money from international fans as well. -_-

    1. Rachel ¬‿¬ says

      seep :3

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