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Girls’ Day Sojin has “I Heart D.O” on her nails?

After rumors of Girls’ Day Sojin and EXO’s D.O dating/being girlfriend and boyfriend started going viral, netizens have had the two of them under a microscope.

One netizen discovered a picture of Sojin’s nail art. On the middle finger of her right hand, it says “I <3 DO“.

Now this newly discovered “evidence” may be reaching a bit, but nonetheless, EXO-L are pissed off.

Then again, it’s funny how coincidentally all of this “evidence” keeps popping up surrounding these two’s supposed relationship.

Girls' Day Sojin's nails says I love D.O on them dating rumor 1

Girls' Day Sojin's nails says I love D.O on them dating rumor 2

Here are what netizens/EXO-L are saying about the situation, translated by NetizenBuzz:

“Ah.. If, if this relationship really ends up being true.. I’d probably leave the fandom from just pure fatigue.”

“If this is true, ah… I’d feel so tired of them ㅋㅋㅋ”

“Sojin always gets so much hate on her Instagram lately.. I feel bad for her ㅠㅠ”

“I’m pretty sure the nail artist meant ‘I do’ since there’s no D.O. differentiation”

“People seriously can’t consider this as undeniable proof.. I’d rather not believe anything until they themselves say they’re dating.”

“At the end of the day, it’s all up to whether you trust your bias or not.”

“Whatever the truth is, I really wish idols would stop trying so hard to show off ㅠㅠ Fans really don’t need to know about this stuff..”

“I think this is a stretch.”

“No way, no way this could be true, right? It can’t be true, right?”

“I think it’s meant more as ‘I do’ than ‘I love DO'”

“I’m so confused with them”

“The picture’s from last year so it’s way before rumors started circulating.”

“Can’t stars avoid doing things that they know will cause misunderstandings ㅠ”

“Really? She’s just going to put it out like that?”

“Whether or not this is old doesn’t matter because she should know fans are sensitive about stuff like this. I choose to trust them but the more stuff like this comes out, the more I feel like I’ll be more hurt in the end when the truth comes out.”

“I don’t believe the DO Sojin couple at all but this makes me second guess myself.. ㅋㅋ Especially after the Wendy Cinderella crap.”

“I believe in DO.. but it’s getting so hard to be a fan.”

“Did DO deny their relationship or not? If he did, I’ll believe him, but if all of this comes out to be true later… it’s going to be The End for him.”

“I didn’t believe it up until last year but all the blind items are turning out true and I’m so nervous now..”

“I’m whatever about it now since the truth isn’t out yet but if all this is confirmed to be true, Sojin better be ready to get hated on because she’ll have deserved it then with all of these ‘look at me’ antics.”

Of course we hope this isn’t true, but with how 2014 turned out to be, we’re all a bit on edge. What’s annoying about this Instiz post is that it was posted so close to D.O’s birthday.

The stalker/CSI fan who posted this could have at least waited til after his birthday.



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