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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany reveals to ELLE what she’s been up to

The Hong Kong branch of ELLE Magazine recently interviewed Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and got us all caught up with what’s been up to.

Tiffany was attending the Bottega Veneta event in Hong Kong when she was being interviewed.

She said that she has moved to West Hollywood, CA and is currently in school.

She says that her current must-have accessory is a woven tote bag.

She says that her favorite thing about Hong Kong is the night view and the energy.

A lot of fans came to see her when she arrived in Hong Kong and she loved that.

For her 2018 New Year’s Resolution, she says that she’s working on quitting soda. She says that she’s probably going to fail though.

She says she can’t wait to spend Christmas in West Hollywood, because it’s the first time she’s spent Christmas in California in a really long time.

A bunch of her family members are coming to visit her as well.

She says her Christmas Party look is probably something with sequins. Something also dark green or navy. But she’s also a homebody, so she says she’ll probably just be wearing Pajamas.

And last, but not least, she says that the key to taking a good selfie is good lighting, and a great prop to accent your photo.

Check out her interview with ELLE Magazine below!

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