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Global Icon finally releases their music video for “Gi-Yeuk”

Global Icon has finally released their music video for their title track “Gi-Yeuk“. Originally, Don’t Lie (or Booshit), was supposed to be their title track, but unfortunately due to the profanity of the song, it was banned by the Korean entertainment industry.

The girls instead had to promote their 1st mini-album “Tremendous” with “Gi-Yeuk”, which worked out better for them anyways.

Global Icon began their promotions on September 3rd, and unfortunately due to their hectic schedules, they couldn’t muster up the time to film an official MV for their title track.

Global Icon releases their official music video for Gi-Yeuk

Finally, one month and 4 days later, Global Icon and Sim Tong Entertainment has finally revealed the music video to us. You can tell by the simplicity of the video that production was a bit rushed. That’s okay though because sometimes simplicity, like in GI’s case, is a good thing.

In the Gi-Yeuk music video, the girls just dance to their track with a few lighting effects thrown in here and there. It’s pretty much a dance version of a music video… Also, it’s very apparent that these girls are using fake tans. It’s very noticeable on one specific member (whose name I forget)… but you’ll see when you watch the music video below.

Other than the whole fake-tan faux pas, the music video is fine and the song is catchy!

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