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GOT7 and Winner chosen as two of Billboard’s Top 5 K-Pop groups to watch in 2014

GOT7 and Winner have both made Billboard’s Top 5 K-Pop groups to watch in 2014!

Not only that, but Ladies’ Code, a rookie girl group from Polaris Entertainment, also made the list.

However, it’s really amazing that GOT7 and WINNER were chosen. Why?

Because GOT7 has only just started their careers a couple of weeks ago and WINNER has yet to even make their debut!

GOT7 and Winner are on Billboard's Top 5 K-Pop groups to watch in 2014

We already knew, even before Billboard made this list, that both GOT7 and WINNER are K-Pop groups that we should keep an eye on in 2014.

GOT7, which is composed of Korean, Chinese, and Thai members, has made a huge impression in the K-Pop industry with their singing, rapping, and dancing abilities as well as their prowess in martial arts.

Their debut music video, Girls Girls Girls, even managed to get over 1 million YouTube views in only 2 days.

WINNER is composed of talented singers and rappers as well, but not only that, the members are also skilled composers as well. They have yet to debut, but they have already captured the hearts of fan girls everywhere thanks to their performances on YG’s reality TV competition, WIN: Who Is Next.

GOT7 is already being touted as JYP Entertainment’s “post-2PM” group and WINNER is being touted as YG Entertainment’s “post-Big Bang” group (even though neither like to be labeled as such).

Congratulations to both groups for making Billboard’s list, and we’re sure that everyone will be keeping an eye on GOT7 and WINNER this year.

Source: Billboard

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