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GOT7 chooses Jackson as the most popular member among girls

GOT7 was recently a guest on KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza, where they dished about each and everyone of their members.

When asked who they believed was the most popular member in the group, all of the members unanimously chose Jackson.

They said that the girls love him, mainly because of his manners and gentle personality. That, and I’m sure for many other reasons.

The members stated that if they were to date another member of the group, they would definitely choose Jackson.

GOT7 chooses Jackson as the most popular member among girls

One of the members said that Jackson was similar to Pandora’s Box. Once you open him, his charming traits and personality swarm and surprise you one-by-one.

Jackson was flattered by his fellow members’ confessions.

In response, he said that he was the type of guy who expresses his heart to the people that he loves. Because of this, he expresses a lot of affection towards his fellow members.

Jackson said that once he finds someone to love, he will do everything in his power to make them happy.

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