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GOT7 confirms their comeback for June 23rd!

GOT7 has just confirmed their comeback!

They will be officially returning on June 23rd with a new album (though it’s not confirmed yet if it’ll be a mini-album or a full album).

Not only that, those lucky enough to be in GOT7’s official fanclub “IGOT7” will be able to preview the groups’ songs at a showcase held on June 18th!

The showcase will take place at AX and only a select number of IGOT7 members will be able to attend.

GOT7 confirms comeback on June 23rd

On June 19th, the boys will hold their first comeback stage on M! Countdown, and on the 23rd, both the album and GOT7’s music video for their title track will be released.

We hope GOT7 has an explosive comeback and that they snag a lot more fans for their fanbase this time around.

We’ll be waiting (impatiently) for GOT7 to return.

We only have about 19 days left! And how convenient that they’re holding their official comeback before Nichkhun’s birthday. We hope they do him proud.

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