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GOT7 has recovered completely from the swine flu!

The GOT7 members revealed on SBS’s Power Time that they are no longer inflicted with the swine flu!

All seven members of GOT7 attended the radio show to talk about succumbing to the swine flu and how they recovered.

The members of GOT7 all became infected with the H1N1 virus one by one, starting with Jr.

They had to temporarily halt their activities in order to recover.

GOT7 has fully recovered from the swine flu

JYP gave the boys a week off to both recover and celebrate the Lunar New Year.

During that time, each members’ parents helped take care of them and of course, fed them lots of delicious food.

We’re grateful that GOT7 is back to good health and are able to start promoting again.

They’re still promoting “Girls Girls Girls” on various music shows, and are starting to hold their very first fansign events!

We hope that they continue to have a very successful promotion and that they continue to stay healthy.

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