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GOT7 look dazzling in their first-ever pictorial!

It definitely pays to be part of the Top 3 entertainment companies in South Korea!

Even though they’ve just debuted, GOT7 has already managed to snag their first-ever pictorial with High-Cut Magazine!

The boys are featured in Volume 118 of High-Cut and they look so dapper and chic with their mix of formal and informal clothing.

GOT7 has over 10 pages of pictures and interviews in the magazine. They revealed how they all came to become part of JYPE’s new boy group and what it’s like to debut.

GOT7 look dazzling in their first ever pictorial 11

The boys revealed that they work hard every day, and that before their debut, they would work from 10:00AM to 10:00PM every single day just practicing.

They revealed that it took hard work and practice to get where they are now, but not only that, it took a lot of confidence as well.

One thing that stuck out to me in their interview was them saying that they would “breathe life back into JYPE”.

It looks like JYP isn’t oblivious to the deteriorating state of his company, and neither are his artists.

Considering how popular GOT7 already is, I wouldn’t doubt they can keep JYPE in the Top 3.

Check out the scans from GOT7’s High-Cut pictorial as well as a video of the magazine’s motion pictures. We’ll have translated portions of the interviews soon!

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