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GOT7 says that Yugyeom is the most hardcore member when it comes to practicing

GOT7 was recently a guest on KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza, and there they discussed what their practice schedules are like.

The members said that when they don’t have a promotional schedule, they will spend their free time at the practice studios.

But not everyone is the same. When asked who the most hardcore member is when it comes to practicing, every member immediately said Yugyeom.

They say that he’s like a robot when it comes to both dancing and dieting.

GOT7 members say Yugyeom is the most hardcore when it comes to practicing

The GOT7 members say that Yugyeom is always dancing in the studio in their basement.

When they’re getting ready to practice, Yugyeom is already there.

Not only that, but Yugyeom also has a strict diet, and one he doesn’t stray from, even when he’s tempted by the other members.

While the other members are busy chowing down, Yugyeom keeps his cool and doesn’t eat.

What’s even more impressive is that they say he doesn’t even look like he wants to eat (whereas other people on diets, you can see the cravings in both their eyes and their mouths).

With his unwavering dedication to both dancing and his diet, I think the GOT7 members are spot on when calling Yugyeom a robot.

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