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GOT7 shows off their personal talents on SimSimTapa

GOT7 was recently a guest on MBC’s SimSimTapa with MC Shin Dong.

The boys were hilarious, radiant, and so down-to-earth during their segment.

They always look like they’re having a good time, and their bond is very strong, especially for a new group.

It’s probably why they have so many fans already.

GOT7 shows off their personal talents at SimSimTapa

There were several segments of SimSimTapa that was released via MBC’s official YouTube channel.

The first one is of BamBam performing Yiruma’sRiver Flows In You“.

This boy is an absolute troll, but an adorable one at that.

While he’s playing, the other boys are yelling at him, saying things like “You’re off-key!”.

JB showed off his special talent of imitating the voice of an old man. It’s pretty spectacular. Like… JB could totally prank call people all the time.

And Youngjae, of course, showed off his prowess in dancing.

Check out GOT7’s segment of SimSimTapa below!

BamBam playing the piano

BamBam rapping in Thai

JB and his old man voice

Yugyeom and his dancing

Youngjae and Jr. introducing GOT7’s album “Got Love”

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