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GOT7 to debut in Japan come this spring!

It looks like EXO isn’t the only group gearing up to debut in Japan soon.

JYPE announced that sometime this spring, GOT7 will be heading over to Japan to promote as well.

It sounds like a little too soon for GOT7 to debut in Japan, especially considering they just debuted in Korea a little over a month ago… but I guess we’ll have to trust JYP’s judgment on this.

Since their debut in Japan is so sudden, they’ll most likely only be promoting a Japanese single rather than a Japanese album.

GOT7 to debut in Japan come this spring

Considering how popular and loved their big brothers 2PM are in Japan, it would make sense that JYP would want the same for GOT7.

But this won’t sit well with GOT7’s Korean fans, who barely got to see GOT7 as it is.

It would’ve also been great for GOT7 to develop a stronger Korean fanbase before heading off to another country.

On the bright side of all this, GOT7 will be getting ahead of other rookies by securing an international fanbase faster.

And if their promotions in Japan are good, GOT7 will be financial secure for the rest of their careers.

GOT7 will be holding two showcases in Japan. There will be one in Tokyo and one in Osaka.

More information will be released through GOT7’s new Japanese Mobile Site here: GOT7 Japan Mobile Site.

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