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GOT7 to film a new MV in Malaysia from June 9th-10th

GOT7 has just left to go film a new music video in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia!

They’ll be in Malaysia for 2 days, June 9th-10th, spending about 8-12 hours filming for their MV.

A lot of the details are still a bit hush hush, but it’s still very exciting that they chose Malaysia as their venue!

GOT7 has a lot of fans in Malaysia, and I’m sure many of them will be present cheering the boys on.

GOT7 to film a music video in Malaysia

JYP has confirmed that GOT7 will be making their official comeback on June 23rd!

They’ll be releasing their second EP on that day, as well as the music video for their title track.

We hope these boys come back with a manly, powerful concept; something that will captivate the hearts of girls everywhere.

GOT7 and JYP hasn’t let us down yet, so we look forward to their comeback.

We’re really amazed at JYP and GOT7 filming in a remote location outside of South Korea. JYP sure knows how to please the international market.

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