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GOT7 to follow up promotions with their track “I Like You”

GOT7 will be wrapping up their promotions for “Girls Girls Girls” soon, but don’t worry because they’re not going anywhere.

JYP Entertainment has decided to follow-up GOT7’s promotions up with their track “I Like You“, the 3rd track off of their 1st mini-album “Got It?“.

“I Like You” is an R&B track with an interesting beat and lots and lots of rapping.

It’s a huge change from “Girls Girls Girls”, and it’ll show the public and fans a different side of GOT7.

GOT7 to follow-up promotions with I Like You

We hope to see some great choreography accompanying “I Like You” as well as a music video soon.

GOT7 spent around 1 1/2 months promoting “Girls Girls Girls“.

In that short amount of time, they managed to develop a big fanbase as well as land pictorials for many top-tier magazine publications.

We hope that “I Like You” is well-received and that it grabs GOT7 even more publicity and fans.

Check out GOT7 performing “I Like You” live for Shindong’s SimSimTaPa in the video below!

Credit: GOT7_JYP

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