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GOT7 to have a comeback mid-June!

GOT7, who had just made their debut earlier this year, will be holding a comeback in mid-June.

They’ll be coming back with another album, and they’ll be showing fans a whole new side to them.

Before, 2PM was supposed to be the JYP group making their comeback in June, but JYP decided to delay their comeback and let 2PM’s younger brothers go first.

There’s no word yet whether GOT7’s new album will be another mini-album or a full album (we’re hoping for the latter).

GOT7 to comeback in mid-June

The only problem with having a comeback anytime in June is that GOT7 will be competing against the 2014 FIFA World Cup for media attention.

And chances (more likely than not), all of the media coverage will be geared towards the World Cup.

It’s one of the biggest events for South Korea.

So any artist promoting in June will have little coverage and little visibility.

Which makes us wonder… Why JYP? Why?

We would at least want GOT7 to come back in July, or at least after July 13th, when the World Cup is over.

That way they can get more publicity.

But we’ll place our faith in JYP and GOT7.

We hope they have a wonderful comeback!

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