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GOT7 to open for 2PM’s Junho at Mezamashi Live on July 20th

Yay! GOT7 snagged an amazing gig thanks to their labelmate Junho from 2PM.

The boys will be opening up for 2PM’s Junho at Mezamashi Live on July 20th.

Mezamashi Live is a huge summer concert event held every year.

It’s organized by Fuji TV and many top artists are asked to perform.

GOT7 to open up for 2PM's Junho at Mezamashi Live on July 20th

The entire concert event lasts for about a month, with a new artist (or artists) performing each day.

It looks like 2PM’s Junho will have to share his stage with his hoobaes, which might be a little upsetting to 2PM fans, but I hope they’ll be understanding.

And this is a great opportunity for GOT7 to accumulate a lot more Japanese fans.

Nearly 10,000 fans attend each concert.

And this event will help launch GOT7’s career in Japan even more.

GOT7 is planning on making their official Japanese debut on October 7th, and will later on hold a Japanese tour.

They don’t have a Japanese song yet, so we assume they’ll be performing their top Korean hits like “Girl Girl Girl” and “A”.

We hope that GOT7 rocks the concert, and that hopefully (maybe), they’ll hold a joint stage with Junho as well.

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