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GOT7’s 1st full album “Identity” sells 71k as of December

GOT7’s very first full album “Identity” has sold 71,000 copies as of the end of December 2014, according to Gaon’s chart!

Now some of you may be thinking that 71,000 copies is a low number compared to other artists, but those numbers are impressive for a rookie’s debut year.

And actually, it’s the highest sales number for any JYP rookie in their debut year… with the previous crown going to solo artist Rain when he used to be part of their company.

In addition to the sales of their two mini-albums, GOT7 has sold a total of 182,000 albums so far in their career.

GOT7's 1st full-album Identity sells 71k copies

Good job boys, and we know that with all of the tours they’ll be doing, their sales numbers and popularity will keep rising.

We hope they reach the level of Hallyu kings in a year or so.

It would be awesome to see them leading the next Hallyu wave and  competing with the likes of the elites.

We would love to see these boys dominating music shows and earning daesangs by the end of 2015!

Source: “King Jackson Wang” @ OneHallyu

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