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GOT7’s BamBam is starting to feel under-the-weather

GOT7’s BamBam recently updated his Instagram account with the status description “I think I’m sick”.

Of course, fans are beginning to worry about his health.

He has just debuted with GOT7 and it looks those 12 hour training days as well as the hectic idol life are starting to show their effect on him.

It’s not unusual for an idol to succumb to illness due to their harsh schedules.

GOT7's BamBam is starting to feel sick


GOT7 still has a lot of promotions to do for their 1st mini-album “Girls Girls Girls“, so let’s hope that BamBam can persevere throughout his promotions.

The boys of GOT7 will be performing on various music programs all throughout the week, and they’ll be holding their very first fan sign event sometime next week.

I hope that BamBam loads up on vitamins and healthy food in the meantime, so that he can better his health.

The other members should do the same thing so they don’t fall ill either.

Get better soon BamBam!

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